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About Nancy

I, Nancy, have had the great privilege of having many varied experiences in this life that have caused me to ask many questions. During the process of that journey I have come to the awareness of life being so much richer and fuller than we have generally been taught it is. Truth really is more fascinating than fiction when we connect with our Higher Power.

I am a spiritual medium and have learned to accept the gifts I’ve been given for the blessings they are. I have struggled with relationships that didn’t seem to work, I’ve survived being rejected by family, gone through unemployment and at times thought I may be losing my sanity. But through all of those experiences, I have come to realize that what our society calls “normal” is defined by something illusive that often has a desire for self-acceptance or manipulation at the root of its own definition.

I have viewed life through a broader lens, I have come to understand a deeper meaning in the hurts and injustices that appear on the surface, and I have learned to love myself for who I am and come to respect the choices I’ve made. I have had many experiences – some of them fun and joyful, some felt like they were devastating, and, at times, there were some I thought I would never get through. As my life’s journey continues, I can look back and see there was purpose in each and every event in my life if I look for learning, if I allow myself to explore who I am.

If you would like to find that inner connection, that realization that life holds so much more for us than the everyday survival type situations, the collection of material things and the distribution of those after we leave this place, then I would like to help you see through your own experience that we are a spiritual being having a human experience – to learn, to laugh at the experiences of life, to cry our tears and to find the balance and harmony we all seek.

Do you know you can only give others what you give yourself? The whole idea of martyrdom and being a victim of other people’s choices or our own circumstances is an illusion. We can empower ourselves, we can love ourselves and we can see the beauty of who we are and the reason for the choices we’ve made along the way.

If you are that special person that knows there is more going on in your life than can be seen on the surface and you want to find that inner peace that seems so illusive, to love yourself and others more fully, then contact me and let me share what I have learned with you in an experiential spiritual way. Life really is a journey and we can find joy in the process of living our lives more fully.

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