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I am a spiritual medium who works with a collective/group of high vibrational beings. The collective is a group of profound spiritual beings that have aligned their energies to assist us in our work to transform the earth into the coming Age of Compassion. This process started long ago which has come to the forefront to work with us in this time and space. The purpose is to increase each earthly soul's awareness. The collective has walked the earth before and prefer to touch each person's heart with a pertinent message for them. They prefer to keep their identity silent so that the message can be focused upon rather than the messenger.

The Earth shall transform into the Age of Compassion as each human soul also transforms their individual being. As we individually evolve, we must face our fears that limit our growth. The wars and terror that currently exist on this planet are merely a reflection of the inner war and terror within each of us. As we face these fears, we individually mature into a higher frequency being. As enough individuals reach a critical mass by clearing their fears, learning compassion and a deeper inner awareness of love, a paradigm shift will transform the Earth into the predicted Age of Compassion

Because each human soul is being affected by the Earth's changes, we may be experiencing some initial discomfort. We may feel physically/emotionally tired, lack motivation or feel stuck. This is a natural progression while moving through your life's journey. If you are searching for a completion in a relationship with someone who has passed over, or perhaps you are someone with a reocurring pattern in your life that seems non-beneficial to you, or are simply needing some spiritual awareness, the collective can assist you in seeing the light in the particular matter.

The type of work that will be provided is for the serious spiritual seeker desiring inner healing of the self. If you feel you would benefit through this interaction, please feel free to e-mail me at nancyk@aspiritualapproach.com.

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