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Each session is an individual and unique experience. What usually occurs is someone, whether a loved one or guide wishing to communicate with you will make a connection with me. They often remain throughout the process and bring other information and/or person(s) also. Spirit speaks to me in different ways. An example could be details about someone’s passing, personal information about them, their relationship to you, the names of other relatives or loved ones, something you are currently involved in which lets you know they are aware of your life and what you are doing. Characteristics of someone’s personality that I am able to share with you is often a great assist in helping you to identify them. It is a very cooperative effort and I am willing to share whatever responses or awareness I hear, see or feel. I wish to help you realize death is an illusion, that life does go on and it is through your willingness to show up that a connection is made with your loved one(s). I cannot promise you who will make their presence known but I can tell you, I have never had an experience where no one showed up. I am very interested and excited for you to consider the possibility life does continue beyond what we call death and that our loved ones are safe and happy. I also wish for you to experience the change in your life that is possible when you have a personal experience that lets you know there is communication beyond what we call death. Maybe you are a person that already believes in the existence of our soul/spirit and wish to experience not only an opportunity to communicate with loved ones that have gone on but wish to delve deeper into your own feelings about why you have certain patterns, why you have some fears you seem unable to release. At times information about your previous incarnations can give you great insight into current patterns. Awareness can be the beginning of resolution. It is really about realizing we are a spiritual being having a human experience and there really is so much more beyond what we thought or maybe have experienced in the past. Some things that I will not do is interpret your message, give you health advice of a medical nature, financial assistance, lottery numbers and things like that. I do encourage you to ask any questions during the time of your session as I do not keep notes or records of your individual time other than the tape recording we will forward to you through the mail. Are you willing to think about the potential of life existing beyond the earth plane, of letting yourself say those things you always wished you had said and didn’t and of hearing what your loved one or guide wishes to tell you through this endeavor? If you are, then contact me and it would be my pleasure to assist you. Unresolved anger, hurt feelings and worry about your loved one are often resolved through this medium of communication. Will you give yourself this opportunity to experience something that may be just interesting to you or life changing to your way of thinking about death and what occurs to us and our loved ones as we go through this process?


Session Preparation

If you have decided to give yourself this gift, then to prepare for your experience, it is suggested that you ask those souls you are wishing to make a connection with to come speak with you. This can be done in a prayer or meditation by you personally. You might wish to make a list of thoughts or questions that are important to you, they will be answered or not; but if you don’t ask it may be like those times in everyone’s life when you wish you had said that or you wish you had one more chance to tell someone how you felt and instead you held back. Please do not give us any information about yourself or those you hope to contact other than your name and telephone number as we will call you to do this session at your appointed time. We will also need your address if you wish to have a tape that is recorded during your session mailed to you. You can give us the address at the conclusion of your session if you like.


Refund / Cancellation Policy

Sessions are done by appointment only. Once an appointment has been made, it is necessary for you to cancel that appointment prior to 24 hours in advance to obtain a refund. Those having paid by PayPal will receive a refund minus PayPal fees (approximately $2).

Once you have had your session, there will be no refunds. If you are not available when we call you at the telephone number you have given us for your scheduled time, we will try again in a few minutes. If you are still not available at that time, there will also be no refunds.


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