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Thoughts are ideas, concepts or principles that have come through the material that has been offered during sessions or meditations and are for general consideration or reflection.

Excerpt from a session that was done on 6/27/03 - Integrated Personality
So it is time for you to begin to focus on an integrated personality, a part of yourself that until now you have kept compartmentalized and pulled from as though a magician reaching up to the differing compartments within their garb to gather those aspects for a show that creates an illusion. But now it is time for all that to fall away. So your words have value and so your intention must be clear. For you are one of pure heart, well spoken and if you will acknowledge who you are and what you feel, allowing the wisdom of your intellect to combine with your emotion, then you will stand tall and you will stand with confidence. Your compassion will flow as though you are a very tall tower with a light ray that emanates through you. You will have much to offer or you will be a soul that will burn itself out quickly because you will not assimilate the continuity of your spirit. You have got to let yourself in. It is a choice only you can make.
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